US Election Buffoonery – The Dark Side?

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The contradictions in the candidates’ speeches defy belief, as does voting America’s reaction, especially when a Gallup poll shows only 38% viewers rated Romney’s speech as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. Romney spoke extensively of charity, community, and aiding one’s fellow man, even as his party rabidly assaults Obamacare, the universal healthcare bill. Ryan, a beneficiary of various social support provisions, repeatedly bites the hand that fed him. For some reason, he disregards all these benefits, instead repeating his life story as an example of how someone can ‘make good’ without the state’s help.

Probably a shoop, but still hilarious.

Both speakers pandered to dubious interpretations of the Founding Fathers’ intentions, (which seem irrelevant, being 230 years old). Romney lauded Revolutionary provisions for religious freedom, then littered his speech with Christian values, and attacked both abortion and homosexual marriage (the opposition to which is largely faith-based.) This attack, wisely kept to only a sentence, is a huge U-turn for Mendacious Mitt, who, as Massachusetts Governor, “supported abortion, gun control, universal health insurance* and programmes to combat climate change” (The Sunday Times, Christina Lamb, 26.08.12). It also represents another fault – he celebrates historic American freedoms, yet wants to control what a woman does with her womb, and who can marry whom.
Romney idolised the American Dream and the opportunities immigrants are allowed, yet merrily suggested that US foreign policy should be more aggressive, particularly attacking China, Iran, and Obama’s (hugely successful) work to soften the US’s international image.

Similarly, he lambasted Obama’s emphasis on environmental protection and contrasts it

“Hai Guyz! Wanna come up to my room for some illegitimate rape?”

with his own attempts “to help you and your family.” That’s a pretty short-term view, given climate change’s potential to devastate the whole country, the then-current Hurricane Isaac destruction, and the looming food/grain crisis which is already in motion.
With this buffoonery at the peak of the quite racist Republican party, it is almost criminal that the rape-gaffe party and its international pariah leader** rival Obama in the polls.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand there are numerous problems with Obama’s record. But compared to the GOP, his re-election should be a no-brainer. But it isn’t. All of this, of course, underlines my thesis that democracy, without sufficient voter education, is a farce. The Democrat Convention promises a New Hope.

* Indeed, the universal  healthcare programme he crafted in his 2003-7 tenure included generous subsidies to the poor, and Obama praises it as a model for his own legislation.

** American friends have told me that voting Americans don’t really care what other countries, even America’s closest allies, think of its leader. Which seems to underline my point.

Followup criticism of the Democratic Convention here. Watch me fail on Twitter and collapse around Facebook.



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