Liberal Metropolitan Elite Manifesto

What would the LIME Party really look like?

This is a tongue in cheek approach to policymaking, when taken as a whole, but hopefully an honest one. When the media talks about the ‘Liberal Metropolitan Elite’, who and what do they mean? (Telegraph) The answer to ‘who’ is probably an extreme version of what I like to call ‘me and my friends’, so for the ‘what’ I read their minds and collated this.

[N.b. the friends in question weren’t necessarily expressing their own preferences]

This manifesto is supposed to represent a ‘real’ version of a LIME manifesto – for amusing hyperbolic/tabloid suggestions, see the end. This is a work-in-progress: all suggestions very welcome & will be considered.


  • Open Border Policy: all migrants and asylum seekers welcome, amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • End to ‘stop and search’ police tactics
  • Extension of maternity leave to 20 weeks on full pay; extension of paternity rights and sharing
  • Strengthen discrimination laws and enforcement (race, gender, disability+)
  • Legalisation and full employment rights for sex workers; end to state harassment


  • Legalise drug possession; boost rehabilitation provision
  • Public information campaign and greater NHS emphasis on mental health
  • Enhanced ‘early intervention’ work and mandatory social care/nurse check-ups on new parents


  • Remove independent schools’ charity status and increase community responsibilities (essentially abolish private schools)
  • Abolish tuition fees
  • Improved, mandatory sex and mental health education, including LBGTQ and consent
  • Remove requirement for Christian assemblies (compulsory in most schools)


  • Save BBC4


  • Strengthen laws on tax avoidance (corporate and personal)
  • Broadly end austerity measures and embrace infrastructural neo-Keynsianism
  • Tax on properties and portfolios above the value of £700,000, of 2% on the value over £700,000.
  • Increase overseas aid budget to 1% of GDP
  • Means testing for winter fuel allowance and other pensioner benefits (e.g. bus pass)
  • Trial Universal Basic Income (UBI) in depressed region, proceed accordingly


  • Abandonment of Trident project
  • Offer of joint administration of Falklands Islands with Argentina
  • Retreat of digital surveillance powers and internet filter
  • Revise down Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act (which enabled David Miranda’s detention)
  • Repudiate the use of attack drones (UAVs)


  • Build Severn Barrage (tidal generator)and improvements to existing carbon tax
  • End fracking exploration
  • Enhanced diplomatic effort for higher, more binding green targets


  • Nationalise the railways


  • Gradual secularisation, including removal of lords spiritual and hereditary peers from House of Lords, removal of Church of England from specific protections, assessment of religious businesses’ charity status
  • State to administer its own programmes (e.g. benefits assessments, back to work schemes) rather than services firms (Serco, Capita, A4E, G4S)
  • Pass Recall Bill (i.e. sacking bad/criminal MPs/Peers) without MP committee veto
  • Revoke all vestigial constitutional privileges of monarch; review Sovereign Grant (i.e. the royals’ income)
  • Referendum on Proportional Representation (probably after all major changes have been enacted!) and state funding for parties (cap on private donations)

(I don’t necessarily mean to deride any of the policies above. You seem to end up with a broadly Scandianavian/Dutch republic)

These were all viable suggestions that I rejected on a whim – some for similarities with manifesto commitments, some as they seem to be happening anyway

  • End the cull on badgers
  • Ban neonicotinoid pesticides (i.e. save the bees)
  • Referendum on monarchy
  • Save BBC4

Silly list
These were more likely to be straw-LIMES or Daily Mail fantasies

  • ‘Hug a Hijab’, community outreach between MPs and Muslim community
  • Free lattes across the nation
  • Subsidies for pulled pork pop-ups
  • Redefine London Underground’s Zone 3 as ‘the provinces’
  • New ‘Cultural Hub’ in Preston, inc. opera house, theatre, museums and galleries
  • Inheritance Tax set at 100% or 0%

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