Jaime & Jon

One day, I woke up and decided what the world really needed was more champagne-socialist opinions from an able-bodied heterosexual white middle class privately educated guy.

Today on the program you will hear Gospel, and Rhythm & Blues…and Jazz!

No. Not really.

But I am going to talk  a lot. And I want your opinions about stuff before I write more misinformed books (see my last one Discipline Remains, Mercifully). I argue for some prettttty whacky positions, often playing Devil’s Advocate to see if arguments will yield new ideas, solutions or perspectives. We’ll cover radical politics, existential philosophy, linguistics, gender and whatnot. My interest boils down to “the political and philosophical implications of our current understanding of psychology”, which is an excellent tongue-twister.

I will almost certainly rave about Game of Thrones.

Here’s a little something about me in the meantime:

James Lynch-Staunton grew up in the rural badlands of Northamptonshire. His adolescence included hayfever, tennis and reading. His teenage years included Warhammer, more reading, and a little debating – he wasn’t very good. The Warhammer, and a masochistic desire to arouse the least charitable of emotions from his fellow private-school boys, led him to start painting intricate designs on his fingernails. He looked like an attention-seeking dick.
At university he ‘let himself go’, indulging in borderline alcoholism, trespassing on multiple occasions, and eventually found himself inebriated and swaying on the rooftops of ancient college buildings. This was scary. Perturbed when almost caught climbing on a school in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, he took up the somewhat more gentile pastimes of croquet (at which he was splendid) and debating (at which he…turned up).

Lynch-Staunton graduated from Cambridge with a highly questionable First in History. Somewhere along the line he picked up two prizes, although sadly not in creative literature. He has been published in The Leamington Courier and The Broadsheet. As a teen, he won the Stratford Upon Avon Poetry Competition, almost certainly because no-one else entered.

After 8 months’ scrounging off his parents and scribbling a novel, he was invited to the University of Central Lancashire to lecture on the philosophical themes of said opus. The talk, “Modern Sophistry and its Solutions” (which forms the basis of the ‘Democracy is shit’ series) is assumed to have gone down well, although accounts are muddled due to the post-lecture pub exodus.

Despite what readers may or may not gather from his writings, Lynch-Staunton likes to think of himself as an aspirant Renaissance Man, and as such can waste literally weeks reading: literature, gender theory, linguistics, philosophy, politics, psychology, current affairs, futurology (when based on sound scientific principles), popular culture and art. It gets him nowhere.

He listens to music near-incessantly, and almost certainly believes his music taste to be better than yours. What a fool.

He will love to hear your views, either here, on Facebook, on Twitter or at james.lynch.staunton@gmail.com. Go on. Tell him he’s a twat – he’ll love it.

Jonathan Lindsell writes here too. His writing is rather inferior but his thinking is somewhat similar, over at Moon Project http://www.moonproject.co.uk/author/jjlindsell/, HuffPo http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jonathan-lindsell/


Slight update: topics now include care for the elderly, mental health, pop culture in relation to headier matters


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