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j dot j dot lindsell at gmail

Other warbling:

I’m responsible for thankfully few of the headlines.

The Independent – Super ASBOs will make it super-easy to ban just about anything

Index on Censorship – Criminalising Kink: Cameron’s Porn Crusade

OpenDemocracy – Rape in the Papers

The VagendaMy Male Drinking Privilege

Index on Censorship – British News Blindspots

Left Foot Forward – The British left must wake up to TTIP

Liberal Conspiracy – An attack on our civil liberties is going through Parliament

Moon Project – Oxbridge Myths: Social Mobility or Classist Bastion?

I’ve also written two short books for my work at a think tank, though there’s no crossover with the kind of stuff I discuss on this site.

Soften the Blowing

Essonslay ormfroy Witzerlandswiy

House magazine, the UK Parliament’s in-house publication (offline).

For my current work in the charity sector:

Third Sector – Is there a science of charity and would we want one?


Mentions, citations & quotations


Washington Post

Guardian (including the title)



LSE Politics & Policy

BuzzFeed News

Cafe Babel

FreeThought Blogs

Writing Injustice

George Monbiot


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