Discipline Remains, Mercifully is an experimental literature novel of 110,000 words, written in three parts.

Dice #C is tortured daily, and that’s acceptable. She craves hardening before the Examination: Dice strives for high office, and patriotic resilience seems the only way. The Narrator, however, confronts her with hypocrisy at the heart of her beloved city. Faced with the betrayal of the ideals she held dear, she flees to the nomad plains.
Befriending mysterious savages, Dice’s stoic hunt for a new home compels her to question all. Against the iniquities of autocrat priests, slaver aristocracies and the ever-meddling Narrator, Dice must come to terms with her hopes and fears as she wanders the fearful landscape, or face unending imprisonment and torment.


Edward is a City playboy, plagued with longing for Lilly, an old flame. When a pigeon announces Ed’s divinity, he abruptly finds himself wielding omnipotence.
He is faced by the fathomless choice – to renounce power, pursue his own goals, or exploit this one chance at saving the world. Whispers of temptation threaten derangement and tyranny. Obstructed by Lilly and mocked by the Narrator, Ed’s sanity unravels as he explores the consequences of hedonism, love, time-travel and the destruction of Wales.


His estranged university friend, Jim, has fallen on hard times. His balls itch. His dead-end job consists of weathering bullshit and mopping up sick. Engrossed in the shady self-help forums of pickup artistry and sadistic pornography, women were the enemy for Jim until his accidental seduction of Ameera.
Desperate to win her over, he conceives of a plan to use his seduction-psychology to enrapture the country and win political office. With outlandish publicity stunts and invasive media attention, Jim is confronted not only with the responsibility of power, but a struggle with his own better nature.


Through it all, the arrogance and interventionism of the beastly Narrator toys with fates. The Narrator’s own salvation is at stake.


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