Staying in the EU

My job for the last 3 years has been EU researcher at a London think tank. My work was mainly on the problems of the EU and the different options for leaving the EU – in short, what might be called Eurosceptic. They can all be accessed here for free.

Over the course of my time there I have become convinced that it is best for Britain to remain within the EU, although it certainly has its problems. I have now left Civitas.

Here are some of my reasons for supporting Remain.

Here is how I think the government could promote Leave-Remain reconciliation, and try to fix the EU’s problems, after a Remain win:

You could also argue this (by a colleague), which is mildly true but barely relevant:

David Cameron’s renegotiation efforts have changed the EU for the better

Here is how the EU would have to develop for me to consider pushing for another referendum and wanting to vote to leave.

I have a few more articles planned, but await people to pay me to write them.

I am happy to discuss my views further.




Theresa May’s plans are very bad

Few things unite UKIP and the Liberal Democrats. Fewer still unite those groups plus Tory backbenchers, the far-right ‘Britian First’, the far left Socialist Workers Party, Liberty, and myself. Few things have that power to disrupt the political landscape. Continue reading

Reaping the innocent – government’s terror DRIP law

On Tuesday 15 July, the House of Commons will debate ‘DRIP’, the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill. They will pass it.

On Wednesday, the House of Lords will debate ‘DRIP’. They will pass it.

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Icelandic Hero: Why I’m so happy Abu Qatada is still here

The Abu Qatada Saga has been in the news again recently for allegedly breaking his bail conditions. We are talking, in case you were wondering, about the Palestinian-Jordanian Islamic cleric resisting extradition to Jordan, not Abu Hamza, with whom he is often confused, who has hooks for hands and has already been extradited to the United States. Here is a helpful story from the Express about his use new sporks.

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One Spiderman Per County – Police & Crime Commissioner Elections!

Hi team!

Long time, no ill-considered diatribe. Well it’s alright, the pond-life has finally sorted out its leadership, so now it’s time to look closer to home. To look at the police station, in particular.

It may surprise many of you that we are having an election on Thursday. Yes, THIS THURSDAY. That is in FIVE DAYS from publishing. Continue reading