16 reasons why you, a man, should hate the patriarchy


This is a slightly longer version of the blog first published on HuffingtonPostUK on 15/01/2014.

This piece was prompted by Emer O’Toole’s excellent article, Men –if you’re not a feminist, it’s fine, just move on. I loved it, I found it very convincing. Hopefully this list complements it. O’Toole’s point is that men who interact with feminism but care more about male issues can be ‘allies’ but shouldn’t claim to be ‘feminists’. This then isn’t a feminist article per se, but certainly an anti-patriarchy one.

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Scotland, don’t become strangers


The past few weeks you’ve shown more engagement, more humanity, more care about the things I wish we all stood up for. You’ve campaigned on both sides with passion, wit and intelligence, yet for such a momentous vote have been admirably amiable.

‘Project Fear’ is a bunch of crap, you’re right. Continue reading

How to be Feminist Missionaries?

I’ve been thinking (always dangerous) about how to spread awareness and support for feminism. Continue reading

Captain Dark Thirty?

In what seems to be an emerging theme, or perhaps evidence of my horror and inability to write about Gaza, I’m writing another film review in the wake of one by Alex Gabriel. Even worse, unlike my philosophical and feminist look at Her, this blog one looks at the same problems Alex did. How embarrassing. Continue reading

Liberal Metropolitan Elite Manifesto

What would the LIME Party really look like?

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Love the Machine – Review of Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’

Last week I wrote a review of Transcendence and concluded that, although better than the general critical consensus, it was certainly pretty meh and missed more goals than it set up. This review, of Spike Jonze’s Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, is intended to be read as part II, since both films touch upon identity, artificial intelligence (AI), and love. As before, there will be spoilers aplenty, so if you just want my recommendation: watch this film. Continue reading

Reaping the innocent – government’s terror DRIP law

On Tuesday 15 July, the House of Commons will debate ‘DRIP’, the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill. They will pass it.

On Wednesday, the House of Lords will debate ‘DRIP’. They will pass it.

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Pandora’s Excellent Box: AI in Film

Film Review of (I)Transcendence and (II) Her

After enjoying a whimsical recollection of a recent Glitch Mob gig, my mind’s been all critic-like. So I thought I’d turn it to two superficially similar films which are both about AI and love, with my usualy witty blend of philsophy, feminism and literary snobbery. Spoilers follow, but I’ll try to signpost the worst in situ so you can skip paragraphs if you really care. Continue reading

Feminists won’t “banish men from power” and Penny’s not Stalin

“The Rise of Ideological Feminism” by A Free Left Blog: A Response

Ben Cobley’s original argument “The rise of ideological feminism (Part III on Karl Popper and contemporary ideologies)” can be found here on his Free Left Blog. It is a strong critique, focusing particularly on the views of Laurie Penny and parts of the British Labour Party, but applies to the wider modern feminist movement. Continue reading

Baring Royal Bodies

Longtime readers will recall my monograph of 2012, which discussed the episodes in which compromising photos were taken of Harry Windsor and Catherine Windsor. In that, I argued that paparazzi in general was a bad thing because it undermined consent, and because resorts to the ‘public interest’ defence were pathetic. I further argued that Britain (or the elusive ‘Middle Britain’) had a peculiar double-standard regarding gender differences (printing Harry photos fine, Kate photos TANTAMOUNT TO TREASON) and class differences (printing paparazzi photos of Sienna Miller, unremarkable or deserved, printing paparazzi photos of Kate EQUIVALENT TO MURDER). Continue reading

The Terrifying Familiarity of Elliot Rodger

It isn’t the conclusion of Elliot Rodger’s video that terrifies me – not the ‘day of retribution’ content, the killing intentions, the insistence that it could all have been averted if one of the ‘pretty girls’ had slept with him. It isn’t the discussion of Alpha Maledom or punishing women or revenge against humanity. Continue reading